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UMUCU Branch Officers and Executive Committee Members 2018/2019


President – Gregory Lane-Serff

Vice President – Philippa Browning

Secretary – Adam Ozanne

Treasurer – Kamie Kitmitto

Equalities Officer – Wendy Olsen

Membership and Organising Secretary – David Swanson

Assistant Secretary Health & Safety – Tanya Aspinall

Assistant Secretary Personal Cases – Vacancy

Assistant Secretary Newsletter / Website – Janice Ellis

Assistant Secretary Retired Members Paul Bennett

Ordinary Executive Members

Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh (Union Learning Rep) 

Louise Carney

Lawrence Benson

Alex Gunz

Alexia Yates

Anh Le

Caroline Martin

Eleanor Davies

George Bickers 

Kirsty Keywood

Linda Davies

Lydia Meryll

Mike Sanders

Pierre Fuller

Sarah Darley







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