Emergency General Meeting on Compulsory Redundancies – Tuesday 28th July

Dear Colleague

As you know, the University has taken the extraordinary move of announcing the compulsory redundancies of 37 core funded members of staff. At the same time they are proposing detrimental changes to the Redeployment Policy, which make all staff at risk of compulsory redundancy. It is our view that the University is using reorganisation and restructuring to undermine job security and that under the proposed Redeployment Policy, all staff will be under threat of compulsory redundancy after three months’ notice.

The recent announcement concerning the Faculty of Life Sciences will have far-reaching implications across the University. In the face of such widespread reorganisation we want to ensure that our jobs are secure and the Redeployment Policy is fair and transparent.

We, along with our colleagues in UNISON and Unite entered into negotiations in good faith, but we believe there has been a major shift in the direction of the Senior Leadership Team and we no longer share their vision and are sceptical of their motivations. Indeed, their actions are clearly in breach of our Recognition and Procedure agreements and amount to the de facto de-recognition of the campus Trade Unions.

We were given a clear mandate at the Annual General Meeting on 3rdJune, with the passing of the following motion and in view of recent developments we will be holding an Emergency General Meeting on Tuesday 28th July, 12.30-1.30pm, in Theatre 2, Crawford House.

Motions to the AGM – 3rd June 2015

We would urge you to make every effort to attend.

UMUCU Executive Committee

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