University raises stakes over compulsory redundancies

We have been communicating with you over the University’s unprecedented move to announce the compulsory redundancies of 37 of our core funded colleagues and the proposed changes to the the Redeployment Policy, which will leave ALL of us at risk redundancy.

We held a packed Emergency General Meeting on Tuesday 28th July, at which your officers provided you with an update and outlined our growing concerns that the Senior Leadership Team were adopting a much more hard line approach.  This not only constitutes an attack on collegiately and good faith, but is in breach of our Recognition and Procedure agreements and amounts to the de facto de-recognition of the campus Trade Unions.

We are saddened to have to report that further redundancies have been announced in IT Services and that the way in which these announcements have been made only underlines our concerns.

The campus trade unions have been involved in the ongoing IT Transformation consultation and received reassurances throughout, that there would be NO discussions around an ERVS scheme, because staff would be mapped across to new roles. An “informal” meeting as part of that ongoing process had been diarised to take place at 11am yesterday [29 July]. At 10.22am, with only 38 minutes’ notice, the campus Trade Unions and regional offices received s.188 notices from Karen Heaton, placing 219 IT staff at risk (with 68 redundancies ultimately being sought), and were informed that the scheduled informal meeting would now in fact mark the start of formal collective consultations on this new tranche of redundancies. We were also informed that the announcement would be made to IT staff at a meeting later the same day at 3pm.

We are dismayed by this rapid development and have protested in the strongest possible terms to Karen Heaton. The joint campus trade unions – having refused in principle to attend or be ‘bounced’ into yesterday’s 11am meeting – also met this morning to consider their immediate and longer term response to this latest provocation from management.

We will be holding a meeting for ALL STAFF in IT Services  on Tuesday 4th August 12.30-1.30pm, 1.1 Kilburn Building.

UMUCU Executive Committee, Unison and Unite’


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