A quick update on local issues…

One day strike and email to Chancellor

Many thanks for supporting our one-day strike on June 22nd. It was covered by the Manchester Evening News and after talking with him outside General Assembly the UMUCU President, Adam Ozanne, sent this email,
http://manchester.web.ucu.org.uk/files/2016/07/PayCampaignChancellor.pdf, to Lemn Sissay, the Chancellor, explaining why we were on strike.
Leafletting Graduation Ceremonies
We have, very politely, been distributing leaflets about the current pay campaign to graduands and their families during the graduation ceremonies. If you can spare 30 minutes to help, please contact the UMUCU office.
EU referendum and impact on staff who are EU citizens
We have also corresponded with Dame Nancy Rothwell about the EU referendum result and its impact on staff who are citizens of other EU countries. This is something the campus trade unions and university management agree about and can cooperate upon:http://manchester.web.ucu.org.uk/files/2016/07/Brexit-PresidentandVC.pdf
Research Expectations warning letters
We have learned that a number of colleagues in SALC have received an email from their Head of School, apparently at the instigation of the Faculty of Humanities, suggesting that they are not performing in a manner consistent with the University’s new Research Expectations Statements (RESs). This is of great concern to us, both because of the inappropriate tone of the letters and because we had previously been assured by Prof. Colette Fagan, the Deputy Dean for Research in Humanities, that RESs would only be used at a collective (i.e. discipline) level and would not be used to assess the performance of individuals. We have written to Colette accordingly. If you have received a similar message, whether in writing or verbally, please let the UMUCU office know.
Finally, please everyone, continue to work to contract.

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