Transfer from fixed term to open ended contracts + ULC and LBAS Members Meeting 24th June

Transfer from fixed term to open ended contracts

It has come to our attention that some UCU members are receiving incorrect information from HR and management regarding their conversion from fixed-term contracts to open-ended (subject to funding and project end dates) contracts after four years.

If you have been in continuous employment with the University on fixed-term contracts for four years with at least one contract renewal, your contract should convert automatically into an open-ended, funding-contingent contract as you are subject to the provisions set out in the University’s Contracts of Employment Policy – see  HERE.

If you qualify for an open-ended contract and haven’t had this confirmed, you should contact HR. Feel free to use this TEMPLATE

email and send it to Karen Heaton, the Director of HR,, who will then refer your request to Faculty HR. You should then receive a response within 21 days.

Meeting for Language Tutors and Language Based Area Studies

We have arranged an informal meeting at 12pm in the Lime Cafe, Samuel Alexander Building this Monday 24th June to discuss how we push forward and organise around the various issues affecting language staff in LBAS and ULC. Blanca, Olivier, & Neil will be joined by David, Pierre and Luke from the UMUCU branch executive committee, and we would like anyone else interested in the affected areas to join us.

Already we have seen some activity, for example through requesting to see contracts, and asking for confirmation of permanence after 4 years. We want to discuss how we get more people involved in doing those things and what other things we can do. We also want to ensure all language staff are connected in to the network and that as many as possible are in UCU.

We think the key issues are:

  • Workload
  • Arrangements for leave
  • Fixed term contracts, and fake permanent subject to funding posts
  • 10 month contracts
  • Promotion  procedures and problems around grading.
  • Proposed restructure

We would like to have groups working around each of these areas, so if you are particularly keen to see progress on any of those issues, or if you just generally want to help us be more organised in either of the two areas, then please come along.



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