Global Climate Strikes – join us in Manchester on Friday 20th September

CLIMATE EMERGENCY called by our University

CLIMATE EMERGENCY called out by school children!


We in UCU have voted nationally to support them this Friday 20th Sept. They will be in the centre of Manchester, in St Peters Square, outside Central Library, from 10-4 (marching around town from 1-2).

UCU members will be taking time to join them, leaving from the Students Union at 12.00. We will meet up with colleagues and students from MMU at All Saints (12.15) and progress down to listen to what the Climate Strike school students have to tell us (12.30)

Please support this work place action in whatever ways you can. Office and classroom-based activities are as important too, so think about how you can draw attention to dealing with the Climate Emergency in your own work setting and in your dealings with students on this day – and going forward.   See HERE for more information.

Greta Thunberg will be outside the White House. We will be out on the street.

 Please join us.

Lydia (UMUCU Environment Officer)

David (UMUCU President) adds:

We contacted The VC’s office following the motion passed last week at the TUC calling for 30 minutes workplace action on the day (a motion that first originated in our branch), to ask that staff taking part over lunchtime and an additional 30 mins can do so without repercussions. They have said that it is “a matter of personal choice and they are free to support it if they choose to do so”, and “hopefully this can be accommodated within lunchtime. If this is not possible then, subject to the continuity of services across the university, we would encourage line managers to be flexible in allowing staff who wish to participate to do so, within the usual procedures for making allowance for such activities”. i.e. so long as you are not seriously disrupting anything, and have discussed it with anyone who needs to know, then you should be able to attend.


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