UCU advice on work-related stress

  • If you take time off sick due to work-related stress and you name work-related stress in the “Details of Sickness” field of the Self-Certification & Return to Work form, your manager should ideally refer you to Occ Health for further support.
  • If experiencing work-related stress but NOT currently taking time off sick because of that stress, can refer yourself to Occ Health (or ask line manager to).
  • Occ Health will discuss stressors and how they are making you feel. This discussion is In Confidence, i.e. what you say will NOT be passed onto HR/line manager/GP/DASS without your consent.
  • With your consent (Consent Declaration Form), Occ Health will produce a report to be sent to your “designated referrer”, outlining what steps need to be taken in order to improve your situation.
    Note this point contained in the Consent Declaration Form:

  • Head of Occ Health confirmed that “you can decline consent at any stage of the process” i.e. after reading it, you could refuse to consent for the report to be sent to anyone
  • Next, ideally, your manager should undertake a work-related stress risk assessment. Occ Health are happy to advise the line manager about how to carry this out. Your manager can use the UoM Stress Assessment Tool (i.e. risk assessment form).
  • Ask your manager to read the UoM Manager Guidance (Guidance on the management of work related stress).
  • UoM provides Staff Guidance (Management of Stress)
  • Occupational Health report managerial and self-referrals to the UoM Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee, which helps provide the University with a picture of how much work-related stress is being experienced by staff and what is causing it. UMUCU is going to start asking for the numbers of managerial and self-referrals which document instances of work-related stress.
  • As a UCU member you are able to use the services of Education Support (external service) for free.
  • If experiencing work related stress and it is not being adequately addressed by UoM, please email us.

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