Solidarity with Professor Christopher Jackson

On the eve of our industrial action against inequalities within the higher education sector in the UK we have learnt that Professor Jackson has received racist letters stating “go live in the Caribbean” and that “blacks like you are a total disgrace”. Racism at the individual and institutional level are real, and are affecting Black and ethnic minority staff in many ways in British society, from structural inequalities such as opportunities for housing to education to jobs and day to day racism at the street level.
The University and College Union as an anti-racist trade union has been campaigning to stamp out racism both within our education institutions and wider society. We, the Manchester University UCU branch fully supports Professor Jackson against these racist attacks and send our heartfelt solidarity to him.

1 Comment on “Solidarity with Professor Christopher Jackson

  1. Very shocked to hear, belatedly, that colonial legacy is still at work within a 21st century institution, where a Professor can still be differentiated for the colour of their skin or for their accent rather than for their academic stature.

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