Officers and Executive Committee

August 2021 – July 2022



President David Swanson (SEED)
(job share)
Philippa Browning (Physics and Astronomy)**
Molly Geidel (SALC)
Treasurer Kamie Kitmitto (ITS / PS)
Secretary Simeon Gill (Materials)
Membership and Organising Secretary
(job share)
Paulina Hoyos (FSE / PS)
Roisin Read (HCRI, SALC)
Luke Yates (SoSS)
Equality Officer
(job share)
Umitz Yildiz (SEED)
Amy Zhang (SEED)
Anti-casualisation Officer
(job share)
Fiona Pashazadeh (SoSS)
Morgan Rhys Powell (SoSS)
Student Liaison Officer Manasij Pal Chowdhury (Chemistry)
Assistant Secretary, Health & Safety Nicola Hutchings (Physics and Astronomy / PS)
Assistant Secretary, Communications Anna Strowe (SALC)
Assistant Secretary, Personal Casework Gregory Lane-Serff (MACE)
Assistant Secretary, Retired Members
(job share)
Paul Bennett (retired)
Roger Walden (AMBS)



Ordinary members Laurence Benson (AMBS)
Shiu-wan Chan (Biological Sciences)
Linda Davies (Health Sciences)
Amani Lowey (SALC)
Caroline Martin (ITS / PS)
Lydia Merril (retired)
Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh (HUMS / PS)
Nathaniel Tetteh (AMBS)
UCU National Executive Committee (NEC) members Adam Ozanne (SoSS)
Bijan Parsia (CS)
Ben Pope (JRRI)
Environmental Representative John Vass-de-Zomba (ITS / PS)

** Also a member of the UCU NEC.

Nomination and secondment process was conducted through an electronic form available to all members in previous weeks; the UMUCU AGM approved the above outcome on 9 June 2021.

* If you are interested in any of the above vacancies, or would like to know more about what they entail, please contact us. All of them can be a job share.