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Covid-19: Crisis Justice Manchester


Our UCU branch is concerned by the University of Manchester Senior Leadership Team’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis, in particular its moves to propose significant cuts to staffing. We believe that the case for these cuts has not been made, and we are urging the SLT to put jobs first and to uphold a set of eight vital principles in navigating our way out of the crisis. To this end we have co-written with our members and sister union Unison Crisis Justice Manchester, a manifesto of principles which will inform our campaigning during this period.

We are asking members to campaign with us by 1) writing to your MP using the suggested letter below, 2) posting the PDF file of the manifesto below on social media and expressing your support for the principles, 3) putting the key demands forward as a motion in your local area, school or faculty meetings, asking the meeting if it supports its ‘jobs first’ and ‘principles over profit’ agenda, and if a school board to request responses from faculty committee, the Board of Governors and Senate, and 4) signing up as a local area contact, as a member of the anti-precariety network, the GTA/TA network or as a health and safety rep.


Crisis Justice Manchester – Manifesto  Please read and let us know what you think.

Form Letter to MPs: Use and the attached letter asking your MP to write to the President outlining their concerns – please adjust and rewrite to highlight the elements you find particularly important

Crisis Justice Manchester, or short version HERE Consider copying in the university @OfficialUoM, @UMUCU #jobsfirstUoM

Motion to local area, school and faculty meetings

Better Governance group manifesto. Our sister campaigning organisation, the Campaign for Better Governance at The University of Manchester, has also recently released a brilliant statement which many of us are putting our name to.

Fund the Future The UK needs our Universities and Colleges.  And we need investment now, to protect our future.