Officers and Executive Committee

August 2022 – July 2023



Secretary Simeon Gill (FSE)
President David Swanson (FHUM)
(job share)
Philippa Browning (FSE)
Molly Geidel (FHUM)
Organisation and Recruitment
(job share)
Ümit Yildiz (FHUM)
Paulina Hoyos (FSE PS)
Communications Anna Strowe (FHUM)
Equalities (Overall Coordinator & Women) Jess Gagnon (FHUM)
Equalities (LGBT+) Stephen Doyle (FSE)
Equalities (Black members) Ali Fahmi (FBMH)
Equalities (Disability) Josh Woodcock (Central PS)
Equalities (International) Yueming (Amy) Zhang (FHUM)
Treasurer Kamie Kitmitto (Central PS)
Environment John Vass-de-Zomba (Central PS)
Anti-casualisation (Fixed-term) Fiona Pashazadeh (FHUM)
Anti-casualisation (GTA) Morgan Rhys Powell (FHUM)
Health and Safety Nicola Hutchings (FSE PS)
Personal Casework Gregory Lane-Serff (FSE)
Personal Casework Patricia Conaghan (FBMH)
Retired Members Roger Walden (FHUM)



Ordinary members Laurence Benson (FHUM) Mental Health and Stress
Dilek Celebi (FHUM) Anti-Cas, International, GTA
Georg Christ (FHUM)
Cat Evans (FHUM) Anti-Cas (FT), Equalities
Billy Godfrey (FHUM) Organisation and Recruitment
Susan Hogan (FSE PS) Equalities
Simon Holden (FSE PS) Health and Safety
Lydia Meryll (FHUM)
Blaise Nkwenti Azeh (FHUM PS)
Manasij Pal Chowdhury (FSE) Student Liaison
Roisin Read (FHUM)
Andrew Routledge (FHUM) Anti-Cas
Nathaniel Tetteh (FHUM) Political Networking
Luke Yates (FHUM) Organisation and Recruitment
UCU National Executive Committee (NEC) members Bijan Parsia (FSE)
Ben Pope (FHUM)

Nomination and secondment process was conducted through an electronic form available to all members in previous weeks; the UMUCU AGM approved the above outcome on 15 June 2022.