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We’re on strike. نحن في إضراب. Biz grevdeyiz.  бастуем. Em di grevê de ne.
我们要罢工。 Stavkujeme. 私たちはストライキ中です。 Olemme lakossa. On fait grève.
Vi er i streik. Απεργούμε. Siamo in sciopero. ধর্মঘট. Hier wordt gestaakt.
Táimid ar stailc. Vi strejkar. Estamos en huelga. Rydyn ni ar streic. .שביתה

Donations to the Hardship Fund, which is a much needed source of support for our members in this period of lost income, would be really appreciated. You can find the details for the UCU Hardship Fund (at national level) here; if you wish to contribute to the (UoM) Branch Hardship Fund, the account details are:

UCU University of Manchester Hardship Fund
Sort code: 60-83-01
Account: 20392565

Thank you!