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University of Manchester must end ties with companies and universities complicit in Israel’s atrocity in Gaza


The following motions have been passed by UMUCU

Motion on IHRA definition of Antisemitism and UoM 14th April 2021

Motion for Union Support for HE in Gaza and for Palestine in the face of continuing destruction 6th Dec 2023

Palestine motion amendment 6th Dec 2023

Motion on the Current Upsurge in Violence in Israel and Palestine 16th Oct 2023

The motion below was submitted to NW Region UCU by Liverpool John Moores University. It was passed at a meeting on 27th Jan 2024.

Motion on Palestine Solidarity from LJMU UCU 27th Jan 2024

The letter below was approved by the UMUCU branch exec on 29th Jan 2024.

Letter to Jo Grady, NEC and HEC. Calling for Immediate Solidarity Action for Palestine


Publications by UMUCU members

Why We Need To Talk About ‘State Terrorism’ By Israel In Gaza – Dec 2023

Chatham House and the Call for the Decolonisation of Israel and Palestine- Oct 2023

Why Israel Fears the Facts: Reporting on Israel’s Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory for the UN – Sept 2023

Entanglements – the IHRA, Jews and non-White Minorities – 2022


Ongoing conversation between UMUCU and UoM SLT – Divestment from companies complicit in the war on Gaza & ending partnerships with Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Divestment conversation


Rehumanising Palestinians killed in Gaza 16th Feb 2024 – poster exhibition

Exhibition Space, University of Manchester Students’ Union, Oxford Road

Friday 16th Feb to Sunday 18th Feb 2024

10am – 6pm (Sunday 12pm – 6pm)

Images include that of:

Wiesam Essa

Wiesam was killed in Gaza when his apartment block was badly damaged by Israeli bombs.

Wiesam was based in the University of Manchester, Department of Geography from June 2019 to March 2021. His family joined him for much of this period. Wiesam is fondly remembered by colleagues in Geography – he was a regular and cheerful presence in the Department, contributing enthusiastically to the Mapping, Culture and GIS research group. He was especially keen to develop collaborations to further his research in Palestine.

Refaat Alareer  – The 44-year-old Refaat was a prominent poet, writer and professor at the Islamic University of Gaza and was one of the leaders of a young generation of authors in the enclave. He was killed alongside several family members by an air strike in Gaza City. Alareer’s final poem, “If I must die”, was widely circulated and translated into numerous languages after his killing.

If I must die,

you must live

to tell my story

to sell my things

to buy a piece of cloth

and some strings,

(make it white with a long tail)

so that a child, somewhere in Gaza

while looking heaven in the eye

awaiting his dad who left in a blaze-

and bid no one farewell

not even to his flesh

not even to himself-

sees the kite, my kite you made, flying up


and thinks for a moment an angel is there

bringing back love

If I must die

let it bring hope

let it be a tale.


Stand With Gaza – Workplace Day of Action – 7th Feb 2024

UMUCU protested at the Whitworth Arch, Oxford Road over lunchtime.


‘Stop Profiting from Genocide’ rally and march, Manchester – 20th Jan 2024

We marched from St Peter’s Square to the buildings occupied by AXA Insurance and Barclays Bank. The comrade holding the Jewish Voice for Labour banner turned out to be a retired academic from the School of Maths.

National ‘Global Day of Action – Ceasefire Now’ demonstration in London – 13th Jan 2024

UMUCU vigil for those killed in Gaza, next to the Whitworth Arch – 19th Dec 2023