Retired Members

We hope that UCU members who retire will retain their union membership, and continue to play an active role in the union, whether as members of UMUCU or not. Please see the UCU’s page on Retired Membership for further information.

There are two options for retired members:

  1. Transfer to the regional retired members’ branch; this is what happens by default when a UCU member retires. The retired members’ branch in the north-west mainly meets in Liverpool.
  2. As an exception to above, retired members can remain in their workplace branch. You can update your membership status at My UCU (you will have to register to use this if you have not already done so) or by contacting the UMUCU office.

In UMUCU we hope to enable retired members to play a larger role in the branch, such as by assisting at recruitment events, by supporting industrial action in some way, or by assisting with personal cases (in training or mentoring new case workers). This would also involve discussion with the university on the status of retired members of staff (there appears to be no university policy on this at present). The university has rejected proposals that retired staff be paid for any continuing teaching or supervisory work, and have access to university facilities such as office space and assistance from support staff.