Campaign / Ballot 2021

Campaign / Ballot

I’m voting YES

Morgan Powell, PhD student and GTA at the University of Manchester, shares with us the reasoning behind his decision. If you want to share yours, please get in touch.

Still time to participate!

Anyone who joins the UCU by 5pm on Wednesday 27 October, you will be eligible to receive a ballot and participate in the Four Fights and USS disputes. Remember: PhD students can join for free.

Have you voted?

As soon as you posted your completed ballots, please let us know! All the form asks for, is your name & surname; this info is used to focus our campaigning efforts in those who haven’t yet done so.

Ballot campaign materials

Images that can be used as profile pictures / Zoom backgrounds / Twitter headers, can be downloaded from this UCU page (scroll towards the bottom of the page to find them). There is even a version which non-UCU members can use in solidarity!

Branch survey on USS

Please complete this SURVEY  which we have created to help us understand your views regarding the USS pension scheme and the various proposals being discussed for its reform. As well as informing our own talks with the University’s Senior Leadership Team about USS, the results will be passed on to the union’s USS negotiators. We hope it will also help you understand the issues and questions facing us this summer when key decisions will be made about future contributions and benefits.

Please complete the survey as soon as possible! If you encounter uncertainties as you read through the questions, the following information will be useful:

You can read more about the changes to USS proposed by UUK in the UCU’s press release from 28 May. If you want to find out how those changes would affect your pension, you can try the UCU’s pension modeller.