Industrial Action, 2019/20

Sick of cancelled lectures,  then write to Nancy HERE

Student Leaflet Strike leaflet (student)

Teach Out Schedule

For 20th Feb onwards strike plans please see here Push Strong To End This Early

Letters to the President, Chair of the Board of Governors, and Senate

Letter from UCU Regarding Research Project Funding Deducted Wages

Response to Presidents Update 21 Feb

UCU email to members of Senate 19 Feb 2020

UMUCU letter to President Dame Professor Nancy Rothwell regarding staff on Fixed-Term Contracts

Other correspondence

Statement from the University of Manchester UCU GTA Committee

Reply from Prof Keith Brown to UCU GTA Committee

Local Contacts/Activists/Member Resources


Building Strike Planning Meeting template

FAQ’s for organising conversations

UCU STRIKE ACTION – Presentation Leader Slide

UCU Strike Letter for Students template

UCU Strike Letter template.ashx_


Working to Contract

Working to Contract 2019

Posters and leaflets; please feel free to download and display.

Academic Problems Cartoon

Academic Problems reverse

Toxic Management

Understanding WAM


Faceless Men Part 1

Faceless Men Part 1 reverse

Faceless men Part 2

Faceless Men Part 2 reverse

Important information for or Graduate Teaching Assistants Strike Information for UCU GTAs

For a full list of evets please see our  Strike Timetable

Everything you need to know about the strike action can be found  HERE 

FAQs, working to contract, migrant workers taking strike action


Please make sure your students know what is going on.  We are working closely with UMSU to ensure our students are being kept informed.  Please use and adapt our materials below.

Lecture/seminar slide UCU Strike Action 

Presentation for students UCU STRIKE ACTION

Letter template UCU strike letter for students (Template 1)

Strike letter UCU strike letter2.ashx

For posters and leaflets: