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Teaching Assistants Deserve Better

Teaching Assistants Deserve better and here at the The University of Manchester UCU are working together to do just that!

Back in September 2018 we submitted a claim to the University and embarked on negotiations to improve our working experience – we are vital members of the University community and we deserve to be paid for mandatory training, to be paid for ALL the hours spent teaching, marking and doing all the essential administration work that is required of us.  This is a job and we want to be paid and valued for the work we do.

So far, we’ve had success.  As a result of pressure from UCU, the University released this statement and have agreed to establish systems and procedures that will ensure that our contracts are issued and payments are made on time and that all mandatory training will be paid.

There is still work to do and we need your help!  The issue of tariffs is still to be addressed – we want to be paid for ALL the teaching, marking and administration work we do, it’s only fair!

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As part of UMUCU’s continuing efforts to improve the pay and contracts of employment of Graduate Teaching Assistants in the University, we are conducting this online survey, which we hope as many TAs as possible will participate in:


If you are a GTA, please complete the survey and encourage other GTAs to do so as well. If you are not a GTA yourself but know GTAs (e.g. as a supervisor or course convener), please share the above link with them and encourage them to participate. This survey is not just for UCU members: we would like to gather data for as wide a cross-section of the University’s GTAs as possible as the information will help us negotiate better terms and conditions for them.