Officers and Executive Committee

September 2020 – August 2021



President (chair) David Swanson
Vice-president (job share) Philippa Browning
Linda Davies
Molly Geidel
Treasurer Kamie Kitmitto
Secretary (job share) Simeon Gill
Caroline Martin
Membership and Organising Secretary Luke Yates
Equality Officer (job share) Wendy Olsen
Umitz Yildiz
Anti-casualisation Officer (job share) Fiona Pashazadeh
Abbie Winton
Assistant Secretary, Health & Safety (job share) Tanya Aspinall
Louise Carney (deputy)
Assistant Secretary, Newsletter / Website Alexia Yates
Assistant Secretary, Personal Casework Gregory Lane-Serff
Assistant Secretary, Retired Members Paul Bennett



Laurence Benson Ordinary member
Shiu-wan Chan Ordinary member
Jo Edge NEC member
Janice Ellis Ordinary member
Paulina Hoyos Co-opted member
Lydia Meryll Ordinary member
Jenna Mittelmeier Ordinary member
Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh Ordinary member
Adam Ozanne NEC member
Aditya Ramesh Ordinary member
Roisin Reed Ordinary member
Nathaniel Tetteh Ordinary member

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